Tuesday, June 6, 2017

Ch 1 Saturday I want to let Primo sleep with me but I don’t want Sly and Doris to know about it because I am a hypocrite? Or because I have a sense of propriety?

Primo: I have to sleep in here. I can’t stay in the spare room again. My back is killing me from last night. All that’s in that room is an old sofa and it’s not comfortable. Please let me stay.

Me: As long as you sneak out when your mom and dad aren’t watching in the morning.

Primo: They wouldn’t care! Now you’re being a hypocrite.

Me: That’s not it. I just don’t think I could take their smugness.

Primo: My dad does love to be right.


  1. No, I get it. It's the principle of the thing; yes, sure, you sleep together and also there's a practical issue and you're capable of sleeping next to each other without having noisy monkey sex, but you set a boundary (a perfectly reasonable one) that you didn't want to be sharing a room with him while you were there. If they'd seen you sharing a room that night, then all future unmarried visits would have been subject to a "we know you're going to claim you don't want to sleep together, but since you're going to sleep together anyway we've decided not to make up the spare room and now it's full of crap" tax. And that would have stressed you out and led to arguments which would have taken up most of the visit, leaving very little time for Sly to police your eating habits.


  2. Yeah - wait. :)


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