Thursday, March 28, 2013

Friday Oct 19 J'accuse

Email from a voter to Primo:

Hi Primo, You stopped by house last week. 1745 Mission St. You made a great impression, but I feel you may have misrepresented yourself to me. Now I see your yard sign in yards with folks who have Polka Dot signs. I'm confused. If you support [the Polka Dot presidential candidate] and his policies and ideals, then don't count on my vote.

Nice to meet you! Best of luck in the vote!

I am curious to know what Primo's answer will be. My suggestion is that he say that yes, he is running as a Polka Dot, but as the representative for this district, which is pretty evenly split, he will consider the interests of both Polka Dots and Stripes - that his job is not to do the bidding of the party but to work for the people he represents. (I think a lot of politicians have forgotten this - they think we are here just to open our wallets for whatever they want to do.)


  1. I hope he did just that. It would be SO refreshing if we could elect a lot of representatives with that outlook. If we get more polarized, i think the great conciliatory middle will someday do just that. Don't think it was in 1012, tho.

    1. Gosh, wouldn't it? I am really tired of all the acrimony.

  2. GD, you know him better than anyone. Is it his natural inclination to be middle of the road? Somehow, just by reading your blog I tend to doubt it. Anyone passionate enough to go protest at the Capitol, to run for the Dots, to spend his own money and go through al the hell of campaigning is someone committed to an ideal.

    Blessyourheart, both of you, but I just can't fathom how you've survived this. He must be really good at wxyz.

    1. No, he is definitely not middle of the road, but he really does believe that legislators should represent their constituents. Of course, he would have been far happier running in a strong PD district so he could try to out-PD the other PDs.

      He is really good at wxyz. :)


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