Saturday, April 13, 2013

Sunday Nov 4 Primo is too skinny

I can see Primo's ribs. Good thing the election is Tuesday. Any longer, and he would waste away to nothing.

Primo saw a post on facebook this morning that bothered him. Someone had shot an elephant on a hunt in Africa and posted the photo.

"I'm going to post something!" he fumed. "This is indefensible! Wait! I'm going to unfriend her!"

I held my breath. The elephant guy is a mutual sort-of friend. I hate conflict, even with someone I have not seen for over 25 years and probably will never see again.

Although I, too, think it is stupid to hunt elephants. I don't mind hunting, but I do mind hunting that is done just for the sake of killing. Hunting deer you are going to eat is fine. Hunting a wild animal just to prove that you and your fancy gun are superior? That's dumb.

He stomped upstairs, loaded for bear. (Ha.)

He is cranky. It is the almost-election-day blues.

Half an hour later, he came back downstairs.

"I checked. African elephants are not endangered. Legal hunters pay tens of thousands of dollars to do these hunts. I still think it's stupid, but I guess it's OK."

"You know," I said, "that's one of the big differences between you and MaryJane and one of the things that bothers me the most about her. Before you spouted off on facebook, you checked the facts. MaryJane doesn't bother to do that. She just blurts out whatever is on her mind, whether it's factually correct or not. I will slit my wrists if she wins and you lose."


  1. What if Primo has to hike his pants up under his armpits to keep them up? His brother will go bananas. I hate FB - it's a black hole of inanity, but I suppose Primo needs it for the campaign.

    1. I'll get him a pocket protector to wear, too! Ted will hate it. I don't care. Ted is a jerk.

  2. I cannot comprehend how anyone could kill an elephant. It seems so old-fashioned. I hope the posting of that photo on Facebook received the amount of vitriol that it deserves, legal or not.

  3. So, are you saying that a diet that really works is to run for office and go door-to-door? That actually sounds like a plan that might work.

    1. Yes, it works. Maybe I should market the idea to fund the next campaign!

  4. Hey GD! I found a link to ur blog from another blog (can't remember which one) and looove it!! I've started from the first post and enjoying ur writing. Ur funny and opinionated as hell!



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