Saturday, February 6, 2016

In which Primo tells Ted he is being a jerk and calls his bluff

From: Primo 
To: Ted

 You wrote,

Just as Jack's children have outstanding educational loans, so does Ted'sSon.

Then why didn't you tell me that? I did specifically mention "student loans with outstanding balances that constitute current and future obligations," which (as you know) Michael and Maria have. It is important to consider that Ted'sSon should not be penalized relative to the other grandchildren because of his special needs. Therefore, it may be reasonable to pay off loans that were taken out specifically for the purpose of Ted'sSon's education even if he is not responsible for those loans (because of his special needs) in the same way that Michael and Maria are responsible for their student loans. I cannot say anything definitive until I know more about the loans, but I can say with reasonable confidence that if assets from Ted'sSon's trust (after his individual account is opened and funded) are to be used to pay off outstanding educational loans, the appropriate amount(s) will be disbursed from the trust directly to the loan servicer(s) or other creditor(s), not to you.

The "comprehensive spreadsheet" (your words) of Ted'sSon's educational expenses did not include any mention of loans or other debts. Please update the spreadsheet or send additional information about Ted'sSon's outstanding loans.

And there's this:
You communicate like a code jockey and not a human being.

You communicate like a condescending jerk or, if you're sufficiently upset, like a 12-year-old. The last time you called me, you screamed at me for a short time and ended your tirade by yelling "I'm hanging up now!" Then you did hang up without giving me an opportunity to say a word. That "conversation" has a lot to do with my reluctance to discuss any estate-related matters with you by phone.



  1. That's an insult to 12-year olds. My daughter was more polite than Ted when she was a toddler! She certainly was polite and considerate at 12. But comparing him to a frustrated toddler would be fair, I suppose. :)

    I hope you two screened your calls, and let all of Ted's calls go to voicemail by this point.

  2. Good for Primo for saying that the trust would pay off any student loans incurred by TedSon directly to the loan servicers, and not to Ted. Ted must be trying to pay off his own credit card debts or for some other underhanded purpose, otherwise why would he pitch such a fit. I would never want to talk on the phone to that abusive jerk, either.

  3. Wow. Finally. Go Primo. There comes a time to tell it like it is.


  4. I've got popcorn and ice cold RC on hand for the nxt chapter of/in this saga.....


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