Friday, February 5, 2016

In which Ted feels the need to insult the concert that Primo and I attend and we both say out loud, "But why?" and then Primo says, "I don't feel so bad about sending that email now"

Primo at A Theater
September  at 8:27pm
This is Goldy's first full Mark Knopfler (or Dire Straits) concert -- although she saw part of one as a volunteer a few years ago. We have not heard any old favorites yet, but the musicianship is fantastic.
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    • Donna ...and the big wheel keeps on turning. Neon burning, up above...
      LikeReply1September at 8:35pm
      • Primo Unfortunately, we did not get to hear that song, but we did hear an excellent version of "Romeo and Juliet."
        LikeReply2September at 10:38pm
    • Connie Saw them in Houston in 85?
      LikeReply1September at 9:25pm
      • Primo  I saw Dire Straits in Austin in '85 with Lenna, who should be tagged here but appears not to be on Facebook. frown emoticon
        LikeReply1Yesterday at 10:01am
      • Connie It was a great tour for Money for Nothin. The SouthernStar amphitheater was at Great America, and it was packed with fans. But Sultans ruled...
        LikeReplyYesterday at 5:55pm

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    • Ted Pedestrian
      LikeReplySeptember 30 at 10:20pm


  1. I'm with you on the "but why?". Ted is an arse.

  2. I ... I can't event. Was there some otherworldly bequest from Sly where Ted now has the need to insult people willy nilly? Hope that the concert was great!

    (Also - it looks like primo's real name may be displayed instead of the picture. IDK if you're still as concerned about keeping this anonymous now that Sly and Doris are gone, but I wanted to mention it just in case.)

    1. Saw that! Thanks! Blogger will let me copy a photo but then won't show it.

  3. Tell me this means the email has been sent. :)

  4. It all makes sense now! This guy is so incredibly insecure the only way he can feel good about himself is to insult everyone else.

    Feel free to tell him I said that.

  5. What. the. heck. Why would you even comment if you have nothing to add? Ted is one of those guys who goes on Amazon and answers people's questions about products with things like "I don't know. I didn't end up buying it" or "I didn't buy the 6". I have a 48,383,298" one instead." or even just "I don't know."

    If I am feeling snarky, I usually just leave the page. It's like that saying about keeping silent to not prove you're a fool, except it's about being an ass instead.

    I'll bet Ted listens to music that hasn't even been recorded yet. And even it it had been, regular human ears couldn't hear it anyway.

  6. I loved Dire Straits back in the day!
    Ted has no taste whatsoever. I hope Primo sent that email ;-)

  7. Ted has assumed Sly's spiritual legacy: being an ass, just because he can.

  8. Catherine from CanadaSaturday, February 06, 2016

    Tell Ted that "money for nothing" was meant to be satirical - he shouldn't take it literally.

  9. Maybe Primo's e-mails to Ted should all start with, "As Mark Knopfler once said", and then have quote marks around all of the content to do with the estate.

    "As Mark Knopfler once said about the alleged missing bracelet, please return the jewelry that aren't the pieces you think Doris wanted you to have."

    "As Mark Knopfler once said, please provide documentation for the educational expenses you think the estate should reimburse you for."

    Use his weaknesses against him.


  10. Love those ideas, Sparky!

    Love MK as well - listen to entire albums at work when I am working late. Telegraph Road makes me want to take piano lessons every time I listen to it. Speedway at Nazareth has a live version on YouTube that is killer (Rome. 2005).

    Why Ted insists on disparaging his half brother's choice in music is weird. I think he is so insecure that he struggles to make himself look smarter/cooler/whatever.

    Music is music - different flavors for different tastes!

    Ted may turn out to be a villain on the magnitude of dear old dad.


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