Wednesday, July 20, 2016

In which I suggest to Primo that I would prefer it if he did not, even if it means wasting 1.5 cans of shaving cream, wear the stinky product that Sly used to use

Even before I knew that it was Sly's leftovers, I already did not like the shaving cream Primo had used a couple of times.

Now that I know it was Sly's, I don't think I can bear to kiss Primo if he smells like that stuff.

It is foul.

Primo has agreed to get rid of it. Which, if you have been reading, you understand is a major victory.


  1. Hubby and I once went to an adult toy party. She had pheromone colognes. It was fascinating how many couples took one sniff of their partners and were ready to jump them. Lol you found the opposite effect.

  2. Or Primo could donate it and write it off.

    Or send it to Ted...

  3. Lysistrata strikes again :-) [scented products are the one area where husband and I have pretty much absolute veto power over choices the other makes]


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