Friday, July 22, 2016

In which a Pod Person replaces Primo, I think

Did I tell you guys what my husband, whom I love dearly, said to me last night that made me think, "You are the hottest hottie ever!"?

(Is that how that sentence should be punctuated? I don't know.)

You know I have been KonMari'ing the place. But I have not thrown things away or taken them to Goodwill yet (except for a bunch of empty boxes that I put into the recycling without Primo knowing). Instead, I have been putting things into the corner of the basement, the idea being that if we don't even notice that these dishes/lotions Primo moved from his apartment eight years ago/old tupperwares I put downstairs when we got a set of Rubbermaid where all the sizes nest and we have lids are missing for a month or two or more that we can go the rest of our lives without them.

I had planned to wait a few months and then AHA! Primo with my clever strategy, knowing there was no possible way he would ask, "Where is that Corning Ware Dutch oven that you have not used in five years?"

But he noticed the pile of stuff in the basement and asked about it so I told him.

And he got all stressed about it because that's how he is and he said he can't make a decision while there is so much going on and it would have to wait until a time when nothing is going on which is his MO and to which I always answer that there is ALWAYS something going on in LIFE and you have to decide what you priorities are and of course his priorities are never the same as mine, as he thinks that doing doors for some candidate always wins over me but whatever.

I let him stress out and shrugged my shoulders and said I was going to get rid of stuff.

That was a week or two ago.

Last night, he walked into the basement. He is calmer than he has been because the election was on Tuesday and by last night, he had had two days to get over his disappointment and return to real life, although we are still expecting an explosion from Ted, who did not get what he wants.

He looked at the pile of stuff and asked, "How about if we spend some time on Saturday going through these things?"

I answered, "I would rather have you finish the taxes." (Today is April 8.)

"I know," he said, "but I would have time to do both. I plan to spend Saturday working on taxes, but I can take an hour to go through this stuff with you."


But I said, "That would be fabulous."


  1. Are you sure you weren't dreaming?!
    This is amazing!

    1. I know I wasn't dreaming because he really did it. But until that point - yeah - I wasn't sure.

  2. You have the patience of a saint. I would have thrown it all out while he was sleeping. :)

    1. I would have been happy to do that, beyondbeige, except the man remembers everything. He would have noticed. It's almost inhuman.


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