Saturday, July 23, 2016

In which most of the junk mail for Sly and Doris has stopped but now they are just sending it to me instead

Smithsonian sent yet another solicitation for Doris the other day. I forwarded to them the previous three emails I had sent them asking them to remove her from their mailing list and said,

She is still dead.

Maybe that will work.

Then today a catalog from Boston Proper arrived but for me.

Just to prove I am not making it up about the fringed, cuffed sweatpants
You guys, I have not shopped from a catalog in decades. Yes, I buy online sometimes, but from eBay or, a few times, from White House Black Market. Maybe WHBM is selling their mailing lists, but honestly, I cannot see how a company that sells fringed cuffed sweats (Boston Proper) would think it might have customers in common with a store that sells plain black leather skirts, which is what I have bought from WHBM. And the dark green leather skirt. I am waiting for the brown one to go on sale.

I buy leather not because I am kinky (as far as you know) but because it doesn't wrinkle, it is easy to wear, and won't go out of style. Also, it doesn't collect cat hair. And because it Holds Things In and Smooths Them Out.

It is possible that Boston Proper (don't even bother going there - their clothes are tacky) got a mailing list from WHBM. But I buy from WHBM online. I do not shop from catalogs. Ever.

Doris got tons of catalogs.

I suspect that BP used to send catalogs to Doris and that I told them to take her off their mailing list so they started sending their junk to me instead.

Which brings up so many interesting questions:

1. Why would they think that a woman of my age would be interested in the same kind of clothes as a woman Doris' age?

2. Doris wore t-shirts with cats on them - and I think we can all agree there is nothing wrong with that - but do cat t-shirt wearing women wear outfits like the one above?

3. Even if Doris had been a little more elegant in her clothing, Stacey and Clinton would steer her away from the outfit above as being completely not age appropriate.


  1. Nope I don't wear that dress I wear cat T-shirts 😀

  2. Y'know (actually you don't, but you do now), I have some really bizarre tastes in clothes, to where I will wear stuff that even I think is ugly or unattractive because 1. I think it's funny and 2. I care not one whit about look ridiculous in public.
    But those pants just make me ~shudder~


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