Wednesday, July 13, 2016

In which the email where Ted is "stunned" finally makes its way to me - it had gone to junk mail. This is the email that has Primo wanting to tell Ted that Primo is the Decider

Primo, if you will recall, said he needed to think about being a trustee on TedsSon's other trust.

Ted did not take it well.

Note that Ted would like very much to talk about the issues, as if there is a decision to be reached by consensus. He does not appear to understand that Primo makes the decisions and does not care what Ted thinks.

Thanks, Primo (and cc: TedsWife). My answers in black below. Please note that I would prefer a phone call to a (always perfunctory and monologue) email. Even people who work with/ for me know that setting a time and having a discourse is preferable to a typed-out dissertation. I always found that communicating with Dad and Doris verbally or in person was far superior to typed correspondence; however, as this is your preferred medium, here you go: [irrelevant links]

Ooops! Looks like I did not include Ted's "stunned" response. Here it is:

Quick note, if I may: I'm stunned that you would not want to be a trustee of TedsSon's estate. Family is everything.


  1. Well, everything except money I didn't work for, because, well, that's really everything.

    1. Exactly, LPC. If all you have is family and money and you take away family, you are left with nothing but - money.

  2. As AAM would say you have to adapt to the communication style of the "decider" (boss). So Ted can make his people call him but not Primo.
    Perfunctory and monologue = I can't bully you/annoy you into doing it my way.

    1. Ted thinks he is The Decider. Ted is wrong.

  3. "Family is everything!" - I nearly inhaled my Cliff Bar when I read that.


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