Monday, July 11, 2016

In which Ted answers Primo's facebook message with a "Name a time to talk on phone"

Primo kindly and unnecessarily, if you ask me, responded to Ted's facebook message, saying he would email Ted tomorrow.

Ted wrote back and demanded that Primo specify a time to talk on the phone.

Because talking on the phone with Ted would accomplish what? 

This is a one-sided conversation. Primo decides. Period. Phone calls are for arriving at decisions after joint input.  

Emails are for telling someone else what to do.

Ted demanded a phone call and Primo said, "No thank you" and sent an email instead. 

As usual, Primo was polite and cordial and rational, but we are dreading the fallout. Ted is going to be nasty because he's not going to get what he wants. He thinks he can bully Primo and scream at him, but that has not worked so far.

Primo wrote, nicely, that

1. He has not gotten as far on the trust as he thought he would
2. He is very busy with a political campaign and with doing our taxes and with doing Sly and Doris' taxes
3. Yeah, he knows he said, "A couple of months" for more money EXACTLY TWO MONTHS ago, but it has not worked out as planned

[This is the part where I laughed out loud and said, "Your brother really does not know you at all, does he?]

4. He has not set up the trusts because he still has to file Sly and Doris' taxes
5. He wrote, "It came as a surprise to me that you were expecting or hoping to receive it by any specific date in the near future (e.g., for the purpose of funding IRAs by April 15 or for home improvements), as you wrote in the January email conversation that 'We're in no hurry.'"
6. He said, "I have not had time to think about being the backup trustee."


  1. By "I have not had time to think about being the backup trustee" does he maybe mean, "I have not had time to fully think about just how awful that would be, and I want to wallow in the image of that misery for a moment before I tell you 'Oh HELL no' in the clearest possible terms?"


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