Saturday, July 16, 2016

In which I read Primo's phone and find the messages that preceded Jack's text about the computer

It was Primo writing about all the hassles of selling Sly and Doris' house and Jack did not respond. At all. Not even with a, "Wow, that stinks! Glad that's done, huh? Merry Christmas!"

Nope. Jack waited three months and then demanded to know what was going on with Sly's computer.

I asked Primo how it is that he, Ted, and Jack all came from the same family, as, as maddeningly slow as Primo is (as we leave for an eight-hour drive four hours later than planned), when Primo is the only one who is not an asshole.

"My mom used to be a really nice person," he said, "before my dad made her bitter and angry."

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