Tuesday, July 12, 2016

In which Primo is gone for a political rally and I go KonMari on some corrugated boxes and a bunch of bubble wrap in the basement while he is not watching

I linked to an online story called "13 Questions to Ask Before You Marry" in which they discuss the partners' willingness to make decisions independently.

I am very cool with making my own decisions.

Primo thinks everything should be discussed.

We do not agree at all.

But I shared the story with him and we discussed it and I was able to get him to agree to get rid of the bread machine.

I take my victories where I can.

  • Me

    We did OK on the money

    on some of the other things..... smile emoticon

    not so much
  • 3/28, 1:15pm

    Hey! I think we knew about the issues (other than politics). We were prepared to have a child but equally (I think) relieved when we did not.

    Each of us can deal with the other doing things alone, and we knew that you didn't like my parents.

    And my experience with my ex helped me in our marriage. I still don't do things right, but I'm better.
  • 3/28, 1:18pm

    You don't like it when I make decisions alone smile emoticon

    I want to decide things like getting rid of the bread machine, which we have not used in years

    or of the old coffee maker

    and you will get all panicked
  • 3/28, 1:22pm

    But that was my bread machine. And the coffee maker was mine.

    Why on earth are you so concerned about getting rid of things? (Clutter in the guest room I can understand. But those things are just sitting harmlessly downstairs.)
  • 3/28, 1:30pm

    Maybe we'll use the bread machine someday. smile emoticon (I glanced at the book about decluttering. She made the point that "someday" usually means never.)
  • 3/28, 2:17pm

    Exactly. smile emoticon

    I will make you bread any time you want

    and I don't need no steenkin' machine

    I want them gone because it stresses me out to see all that clutter

    and for things to be stacked

    and for it to be hard to find the things I want because I have to get past the junk
  • 3/28, 2:22pm

    You can donate the bread machine.

    I thought we might use the coffee maker up north. I don't like the one at the cottage.
  • 3/28, 2:23pm

    OK. Let's take it with us. We could leave it there. What do you think?
  • 3/28, 2:23pm

    We can do that.
  • 3/28, 2:24pm

    thank you, sweetie xoxoxoxooxox

    Wow. This feels so weird!

    You actually agreed to something I want!



  1. Names are not all changed.

    1. I don't understand how people figure out who we are in real life! (Thanks. :) )


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