Tuesday, January 31, 2017

In which Primo declines to participate in a Double Secret Probation campaign event

Primo: I just found out that this forum tomorrow night? They don't want anyone talking about it!

Me: What do you mean?

Primo: I mean they sent me an email telling me they don't want me posting about it on facebook or on any social media.

Me: During the forum, you mean? So you are actually focused on the event?

Primo: Not just during but after!

Me: A gag order? They want you not to talk about it at all?

Primo: No!

Me: That seems all kinds of wrong.

Primo: I am running for public office. I would be accountable to the voters. I am not going to have secret meetings!

Me: No star chambers!

Primo: This is BS. I'm not going.

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  1. While never involved in local politics I did get enough of an exposure to realize that the party runs everything. It is almost impossible to win an election if the local party committee members don't already know and like you and even if they do. I knew a man who was told the next opening for township commissioner (the lowest elective office in the state) he would get the nod. But when it came time he got shoved aside for the newest fair haired boy.


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