Thursday, February 2, 2017

In which one of Primo's benefactors says he will pay for the food at the karaoke fundraiser

We are lucky to know this political insider/kingmaker named - hmmm - let's call him Magwitch, not because he is a reformed criminal (although he did used to hold elected office - but no - Magwitch is kind and honest and he just really likes Primo) - who loves Primo and has been a strong supporter since the first campaign.

Magwitch is an extrovert who loooooves politics and wants to be involved in everything and he is always out doing something political.

He and his wife and his son, who is an elected representative at the state level, said they would like to donate the food for the karaoke fundraiser.

We are stunned, because we did not expect that kind of generosity from anyone. Also, because based on my experience attending political fundraisers over the past few years, nobody expects decent food. However, every event Magwitch and Mrs Magwitch have hosted has been delicious. They find a way to hire some guy who lives in their son's district to make BBQ and get the neighbors to make dessert and it's a mac and cheese, red velvet cake, and cornbread feast every single time. These are about the only events I don't get cranky attending with Primo or even donating money to, because the food is always worth it and I get to see people I like (hey Shauntay! Hey Ruth! Hey Stephanie!), which is not so common for political events. Liking the people, I mean. Usually, I can leave them more than I can take them, but Magwitch et al have good vibes and draw good people to them.

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  1. I'm glad there are a few events you enjoy attending. (Thanking my lucky stars my dear one does not have the political bent...once he's retired, he'll blog & proselytize, but I'll still be able to stay at home and read my books!)


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