Wednesday, February 1, 2017

In which Primo discovers that the group hosting the forum is really the Knights Templar

Primo: I did some more research about the group. They are literally a secret society. There has been nothing about them in the paper since 1999. They are a non-profit with a low income, so the only thing they have to declare is their director. [My political friend] is a member. I think [my opponent] might be, as well. He belongs to a group that appears to be associated with it.

Me: So it's non-partisan? Or bi-partisan?

Primo: Yes. It seems to be about power more than party.

Me: I am so shocked.

Primo: Plus they want a diverse membership.

Me: A secret society that wants diversity?

Primo: I know. Anyhow, I think I shouldn't go.

Me: I agree.

Primo: And I think I should make a public statement about why I am not going - that I am not going to attend secret campaign events to which my opponent has also been invited. I can have private meetings with my own team, but if my opponent is invited and we would be talking about issue that affect voter, it should be open. It's just wrong to have that stuff be secret.

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