Wednesday, February 1, 2017

In which Primo considers exposing the secret group

Primo: Should I try to expose this group?

Me: It could really hurt you.

Primo: There are some really powerful people on it. The woman who invited me? She is on the DNC!

Me: Yeah, it could hurt you, but you are not a loser whose only job and prospects are in politics.

Primo: They are not doing it right! This is the behind the scenes secret stuff people hate!

Me: I know. She might destroy you politically, but it's not like you are some idiot who can't get a job in the private sector. You have options.

Primo: I am so tempted to forward the confidential agreement that they asked me to sign to [the newspaper political columnist].

Me: You should.

Primo: [My friend on the county board] has no other options*, so he probably feels like he doesn't have a choice. And his complaint isn't even that they are secret but that they are too [the other party]!

* The county board friend is a career politician who is re-elected I don't know why because he strikes me as a complete moron. His private sector experience? He worked in retail for a few years before he was elected. And not corporate strategy for retail - actually at the store.

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