Wednesday, February 1, 2017

In which Primo asks for more information about the forum

From the organizer:

One last thing that I forgot to mention, at the forum we aim to foster candid conversations that are not restricted by the fear of public scrutiny. In order to maintain this, all of our meetings are behind closed doors and are invite only. We do not allow media at any of our events. This also includes social media. We remind our members at the beginning of each meeting that there are no social media postings while the forum is taking place or after about the discussion. Please keep this in mind before tomorrow's event. 

Thank you again for your participation!

Primo's response

Thank you for sending the agenda, the questions, and the rules for tomorrow's event, but I must say that I am frustrated by the late delivery of this information.

All I knew until this week (based on a few phone conversations and text messages exchanged with [the organizer]) were the start time of the event (5:30) and the fact that there would be some period of time for food and drink before the discussion. I was surprised to see that the portion of the program pertaining to state issues and my campaign will not begin until 7:45.

As someone who has not previously participated in or attended a [Secret Society] Forum event, I was also surprised by your message about the rules. I understand no posting on social media or tweeting during the event, but is it also true that nothing discussed, revealed, or learned at the event should be discussed after the event? Even more specifically, do you ask that we not even say anything about having participated in the forum or who was in attendance?

Please let me know exactly what is OK and not OK to discuss about the forum.

Thanks and best regards,


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