Wednesday, February 1, 2017

In which Primo discusses the Secret Society with a friend of his

Primo's email about the secret society to his friend who is helping with the campaign:

I have become more and more curious about the [Secret] Forum, especially after the revelations of the past day.
[Our friend on the county board] either is a member or has been a participant in the past. I copied you on my response to his message, which suggests to me that he may be a member. It seemed that he was trying to suggest that I should not participate.
There is almost nothing on the Internet about the [Secret] Forum, but after some digging I learned some very disturbing things from this brief article:
  • [Someone who ran for state supreme court] is or was a member.
  • The group has a strict code of silence.
  • The last time it was mentioned in the [local paper] was 1999 (by [political columnists]). Unfortunately, the links to the old articles in the Google archive no longer work.
The Form 990-N filings reveal very little other than the name of one officer per year (i.e., per filing). If you click on this link to the most recent filing, you'll see that the name of the "Principal Officer" was [someone]. I don't know who she is, but if you click (within that page) on the links to the filings for previous years, some interesting names come up:

Tax year 2011: [a Primo nemesis who was a Primo friend until he switched sides] (!)
Tax year 2008: [someone on the other side who is high profile] 
This seems to confirm my conspiracy theory about [former friend]. He was a servant of the rich and powerful, and eventually someone took care of him by getting him a high-paying job at [a good place to work].
[My opponent] is apparently a member of a similar high-powered group, the [State secret] Forum:
I am tempted to attend the event just to see who is there and take a look behind the curtains of power, but I have a feeling that I might be asked to sign some kind of confidentiality agreement.

The right thing to do is probably to decline the invitation because I am running for public office and I am not interested in discussing or debating things with my opponent (or his representative) in a non-public setting. Any event with representatives of general election campaigns that is billed as a "forum" or "town hall" should be open to the public or should allow what happens to be reported in the media.
Really weird stuff...

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