Saturday, February 4, 2017

In which Primo is interviewed by the local paper and for a radio show where one of the questions they ask him is about marijuana legalization, which is not part of his campaign at all, and people give money to his campaign without even being asked, which astonishes and delights us

We are only a few weeks from the election. We are both exhausted. Primo is going into full campaign mode, which means knocking on doors every day all day.

Which means he is not doing his usual home chores, which means if they are to be done, I am doing them, which I am, because I like living in a clean house.

We had this conversation last night about the cat vomit I saw on the carpet in the basement (where, by the way, there is about five times as much uncarpeted, raw cement floor than paid to buy and install by the square yard non-vomit or hair-repelling carpet):
Me: Hey! You said Shirley had vomited. I thought you had cleaned it up!
Primo: Yeah! I saw it this morning ON MY WAY TO DO LAUNDRY!
Me: Really? I saw it tonight AFTER WORK!
So then he cleaned it up while I watched the rest of season one of Madame Secretary, which was good - I accomplished my mission.

Although he does have time to go to Woodman's and buy, buy, buy. The list is just a suggestion. Most times, he goes off-list and that's not a horrible thing but do we really need

* three containers of Kim-chee flavored instant ramen soup
* ground turkey (Me: This stuff is 27% fat, you know. I never buy it. Primo: Oh! I thought just because it was turkey, it was good! Me: Yeah, they rely on that.)
* more frozen chicken breasts - we are trying to reduce inventory, not replenish everything - we don't have room in the freezer for the ten pounds of roasted Hatch chiles our friends bought for us and have in their freezer.

OK. I am being bitchy here and I said I would not do that. What does crack me up is that Primo has set the stock reorder point for toothpaste, razors, and toilet paper at 18 months. That is, Primo ensures that we have an 18-month supply of these products in the house at all times. 

When the apocalypse comes and there is no toilet paper to be found, Primo and I will be in tall cotton.

Primo is getting so good! He has become a much better speaker. He is more confident and although the only pivoting he does is with me - witness

Me: They had the head of the DNR on the radio this morning talking about the cool stuff they have done to make hunting licenses and deer tags easier.
Primo: The head of the DNR is [bad because of political stuff]
Me: That's not what I want to talk about. You can report your deer online now! And you can keep your license on your phone! Or link it electronically to your drivers license so the game warden just has to scan your drivers license!
Primo: [political stuff]
Me: How come you can pivot with me but you always answer the question when some political person asks you something instead of pivoting to your agenda and your talking points?

Anyhow, he talked to the paper and then he had a live radio interview. The plan for the radio interview was to pivot to education, his main thing.

Me: Would you like some feedback on your speaking?
Primo: Sure.
Me: Stop talking way before you think you are done.
Primo: I talk a lot.
Me: Yes. You are talking to friendlies. You don't need to convince them or to bore them with a lot of technical supporting detail.
Primo: OK.

But they asked him about all kinds of other things that had nothing to do with his platform, one of the main ones being about the legalization of pot, which both Primo and I support. I think all drugs should be legal. Adults should be able to ruin their own lives if they want. They are not, however, allowed to ruin the lives of their children, so if you want to spend your days in an altered state, as much as I think it should be very, very hard for the State to separate children from their parents, you should lose your kids.

Primo: They asked about pot. I answered, then I finally said, "I'd like to mention a few more things." I got in the stuff about education! It was at the very end, but I did it.

Like I said - he is getting good. :)

People have been contributing to his campaign! It's so bizarre and so, so nice. The absolute worst thing about politics is having to ask for money. I guess if we were really rich, we could spend a ton of our money on the campaign, but we are not really rich or even somewhat rich. We are ordinary middle-class people with one professional job between them.

Most of the contributions are small - $20 here and there, but even $20 is a big deal. That's four fancy coffees. Or a decent dinner out for one person. Half a tank of gas. It is not throw-away money.

But some of them are big - a couple hundred dollars. That is astonishing. We are so, so grateful to all the contributors and their confidence in Primo. 

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