Wednesday, April 13, 2011

In which Primo reads this blog for the first time in a good long time

Primo: I thought your [double secret probation] blog was supposed to be about me.

Me: It is, mostly. But I have run out of material [which is why I am reaching back into my tortured, murky past and pulling out dreck to share with youse].

Primo: You could write about how I was a jerk about the bronze switchplates.

Me: Nope. I don't write about that kind of stuff. [When Primo is a jerk, that is. I do write - on my regular blog - about how we gently disagreed on the matter of how the bronze switchplates in the kitchen and the bathroom should have been cleaned, with Primo maintaining that Brillo pads were not the right way to go, even though "Brillo" comes from "brillar," which is Spanish for "to shine," and with my maintaining that Brasso was not doing the job so I had to escalate to steel. Which scratches bronze. In case you didn't know.]