Thursday, September 4, 2014

In which Primo tries to convince me that because he has acquired the hobby of running for office, he should not have to do his share of the household chores

Primo: I've figured it out. When you weren't working, you vacuumed once a week. Now I am in charge of vacuuming, but I am working, so I should only do it once every two weeks.

Me: Maybe I'll wash your clothes only every two weeks.

Primo: And then there is the campaign. Remember in Teresa's election night speech? She said she didn't do a single dish or wash any clothes during the campaign?

Me: Yes. She was campaigning for a job that would double her salary. Her husband was invested. You are not going to increase your salary. You want to quit your job.

Primo: If I can quit, then I will vacuum every week. Otherwise, I think I should be expected to vacuum only 25% of the time that I am now. So really, I am exceeding expectations by doing it every two weeks.

Me: Nice try.