Thursday, December 4, 2014

In which Primo shows great restraint and some personal growth

Primo: I'm cranky. It's a little thing. I should let it go.

Me: Probably.

Primo: [Social media person] set up my google plus account. -- This is not a big deal. I should let it go.

Me: Let what go?

Primo: OK. So with google plus, you can design a custom URL.

Me: Yes.

Primo: She had "Primoforcongress" but google wanted more. So she added "NM" for the state.

Me: So?

Primo: Well, she just added the capital "NM" but didn't change the other letters!

Me: So now it's "PrimoforcongressNM" instead of "PrimoForCongressNM."

Primo: YES!!!!

Me: She didn't do it right.

Primo: I should let it go, right? Even though she should have been consistent with her capitalization?

Me: Yes.

Primo: I am an administrator on the account. I could just try to change it myself. But that might bother [social media person].

Me: Probably.

Primo: I should let it go.

Me: You should.

Sunday, November 30, 2014

In which someone on Primo's campaign team tries to tie doughnuts to climate change

There has been drama chez nous vis a vis the campaign recently.

First, the campaign team scheduled a fundraising lunch for Primo this Saturday in the next county. Primo doesn't know anyone in that county and, apparently, neither does anyone on his campaign team, because as of Tuesday, only 15 people had signed up at $50 a head. I don't know if there is a minimum number or what the breakeven point is or whatever, but however it turns out, it's only $750 less expenses and the campaign owes about $4,000, which prompted me to ask the question that should have occurred to me before we ever started on this whole thing, which is, "Who pays the campaign bills if the campaign can't raise money?"

And you guys already know the answer to this one:

We do.

Not because we would have any legal obligation, but because the people to whom the campaign owes money are friends of Primo's and he (and I) do not want to stiff them.

Primo didn't think he was going to have to raise money. He discussed it with the party people before he agreed to run - that he was not going to call people to ask for money. He agreed under pressure that he might call likely donors that someone else had identified, but he was not going to call his friends and family to ask for money.

Now he has to raise money or it comes out of our pockets.

That's the first thing.

The second thing is that a woman on the campaign team - let's call her Britney Spears - has been writing some pieces for Primo to publish. That would be fine except she wants to write about things like National Doughnut Week, which really does not fit strategically with the campaign as this is not a major doughnut producing state or a major doughnut machine making state. Primo does not have a Doughnut Agenda. It is not part of his platform. It will not enhance his credibility to take a big stand on doughnuts.

Not only did Britney blessherheart write a piece about National Doughnut Week, she plagiarized. Primo did some research to learn more about National Doughnut Week, just to make sure he wasn't missing something important, and discovered that Britney had lifted entire sections of her piece from the National Doughnut website.

Nothing wrong with using others' material, but you do have to cite your sources.

Oh. Primo just sent me the piece. Britney wants to tie National Doughnut week into climate change. And into how Primo's opponent is For Climate Change. And is a Bad Person. Who Wants Little Kittens To Starve.