Thursday, March 30, 2017

In which Primo discovers that people really really really like getting handwritten thank-you notes

Primo's stationery (ary?) arrived before Christmas. He has been writing the notes since then. I understand that politicians are busy and you can't write an entire note for every campaign contribution - most notes we have gotten have been printed postcards with the candidate's signature as the only handwritten item, but when someone prepares a bunch of food for a campaign event and hauls it from Capitol City to Our City 90 miles away or when someone donates $100, that is a lot and it merits a handwritten thank you.

Primo: I ran into two people who got thank you notes from me.

Me: And?

Primo: They made a point of thanking me! They were so happy to get them!

Me: That's really nice.

Primo: A guy I used to work with had sent me a contribution and I wrote him a note. We're not really in touch - someone else at work had shared my campaign page with him and he started following and then sent me some money. He wrote me a letter. A LETTER!

Me: Retail politics. Plus, when people give you their hard-earned money, it's really nice for that to be acknowledged.

Tuesday, March 28, 2017

In which Primo muses that maybe Sly would have changed the will if he had lived longer because he was so grateful at all the help Primo was giving him and I bite my tongue

Primo: Maybe my dad would realize how grateful he was to me and acknowledge all the help I had given them.

Me: Umm. OK.

Primo: Although on my dad's last day, when Jack and I were with him in the room, he was delirious and saying that he was going to disinherit Jack and me and leave it all to Ted.