Thursday, August 15, 2013

In which a rose by any other name is a darn weed

Remember how Doris didn't like how I addressed the letter to her? And how she queried Primo about why I used my maiden name on the return address? Hadn't I changed my name?

Primo told her that I had changed it but only used it in legal circumstances - socially, I prefer to use my maiden name.

So. Now. A week or two later. She sends me a letter.

Addressed to "Gold Drunk" and not "Gold Digger."

I write back to her. Put a very pointed return address of "DIGGER." Get the point, lady! I write "Mrs Sly Drunk" for her because she told Primo that's how she wants to be addressed.

She writes back again. Addresses the letter to "Gold Drunk."

This is war.

I put a post on facebook:

My husband's mother insists on addressing her letters to me as "Gold Drunk," even though my return address on letters I send to her is "Gold Digger" and even though she asked Primo why I wasn't going by "Drunk." 1. She is an ardent liberal. 2. You'd think she would know why I don't want anything to do with her name.

  • Susan That's not even passive aggressive; it's full on aggressive aggressive.
    Yesterday at 11:27am · Like

  • Maggie Not to mention she wishes you weren't married to her son.
    Yesterday at 1:29pm via mobile · Like

    I will write to her again. I will continue to put "Digger" as my return address. Maybe I should write, "Return to sender" on the letters addressed to "Gold Drunk." Except that is my legal name. Rats.