Friday, January 20, 2017

In which Primo says that the reason Sly kept all the porn and equipment around was because he (Sly) did not expect to die

To which I say, "Everyone dies. What makes your dad think he was so special that he was going to live forever?"

Seriously people. You know not the hour. And even if you are proud of your sexual prowess, the people who will clean out your house do not want to see that stuff. Come up with a plan.

Tuesday, January 17, 2017

In which Ted calls Primo and does not try to bully him

Primo: Ted called. He was all chatty and wanted to control the conversation. He wanted to talk about the election and my campaign.

Me: Did he ask about money?

Primo: No. He called because today is my mom's birthday.

Me: That's nice. So no money at all? That doesn't seem like him.

Primo: He said their cash flow is good because they got their inheritance from Ted'sWife's mom.

Me: Still seems weird that he wouldn't ask for more money.

Primo: Oh he will.

In which Primo asks the lawyer if he needs to do anything with Ted'sSon's trust and the lawyer offers Primo a great way to bail

Primo: I emailed the lawyer because I didn't know if I was supposed to be doing anything. He wrote back that for Ted'sSon's trust, we could set it up the way his existing trust is structured.

Me: How's that?

Primo: I would be the primary trustee. Bif [Ted's half brother from his mom] would be my backup trustee. Ted and Ted'sWife would be his backups.

Me: So you could resign?

Primo: I could resign and then Bif could decide what to do. If he doesn't care if Ted and Ted'sWife are trustees, neither do I. I just don't care anymore.

Me: You don't want to be the cop?

Primo: Nope.

Me: Your parents didn't trust Ted to handle the money but they didn't want to make a lawyer be the trustee.

Primo: I know. They stuck me with it.

Me: Nice. This is supposed to foster good relations between you and your half brothers?

Primo: Yes I'm sure that was their intention. And look how well it's working.

Me: It's a lovefest.

Primo: I am going to tell Ted he needs to get Ted'sSon's information to the lawyer and I'm going to tell the lawyer to set it all up and then I am going to resign. I just don't care what happens. I don't want to deal with this anymore.

Monday, January 16, 2017

In which Primo dishes the dirt on the sleazeballs in his party

Primo came home full of piss and vinegar after seeing his political peeps.

Primo: Dick was there. He is on the wrong side of this issue! He sided with Tom because they're friends but now their side has lost.

Me: That happens. But - that's not really how it should work, is it?

Primo: No! He's all about the power!

Me: I think he's sleazy. He puts off this vibe - it's kind of creepy. I don't like him. I didn't like him at that party.

Primo: He is not principled at all.

Me: Are any of them?

Primo: I am!

Me: I know you are, sweetie.

Primo: But he is all about the power. He endorsed Tom for office because Tom endorsed Dick when he ran for county mayor. Tom is useless himself and the only reason he endorsed Dick is that he hates the current county mayor.

Me: How on earth would Dick ever be qualified to be county mayor? Has he ever done anything in the private sector?

Primo: He was the manager of a sporting goods store before he ran for office.

Me: Oh. He is eminently qualified to run a multi-million dollar public enterprise.

Primo: Maybe.

Me: He does not seem very bright.

Primo: He isn't.

Me: I think it's kind of sad that some of these political people think that the only place they can thrive is in politics. I mean, it's bad for our political system! Shouldn't you have to have a reasonable amount of intelligence to hold public office?

Primo: Apparently not.

In which Primo and I discuss - or, better put, have a one-sided discussion about his possibly getting a job soon if he does not win the election, which could happen because this is such a bizarre year and the people here hate DT so so much that they just might not vote, which would help Primo

Me: I met an IT recruiter at the PMI meeting last week and spoke to him today.

Primo: So?

Me: He's really nice. He places people at [globally-known companies with operations in our city].

Primo: So?

Me: And he is always looking for engineers! For project work!

Primo: Uh huh.

Me: I told him about you and that you hadn't been working for the past two years because of your mom and dad and all he said was that they would really like to talk to you!

Primo: But my technical skills are out of date.

Me: Primo. You have skills other engineers do not have. It's easy to find the technical skills. It is so much harder to find someone who understands the technical stuff and can explain it to people who are not technical.*

Primo: Maybe.

Me: It would be very nice for you to have job, don't you think?

* NB That is actually my job, although at a far less technical level than Primo's old job.