Thursday, July 18, 2013

In which I send a letter to Sly and Doris

OK. Here's the note I mailed to Sly and Doris. I did not send them an email because

1. I wanted it to take longer for them to respond because I really truly do not want to deal with this and
2. I know how they like to forward emails to everyone and BCC everyone on everything. I don't need everyone else to be in my business. Except for you guys, of course.

Dear Sly and Doris,

It really bothers me that we have such a horrible relationship. I had always envisioned being close to my husband's family. This is not how I wanted things to work out. I don't want to be estranged from my husband's parents. It's a loss for me and it's hard on Primo - he's caught in the middle and it causes him a lot of pain.

I don't know how we got off on the wrong foot. I wish we hadn't. I am truly sorry for anything I might have done to cause this rift. 

The three of us have something in common: we love Primo and we want him to be happy. What can I do to repair our relationship?


This letter is completely true. It does bother me. I do wish I had a better relationship with my in-laws. What I did not say but what of course you guys all know is that I want in-laws who are nice, reasonable people. I don't want nasty drunks. They are the problem here, I think, not me. I have always gotten along with my boyfriends' families. Sly and Doris are the first ones to hate me. They hated Isabel, Primo's first wife. And they're the first ones I have disliked. So who's the X here?

I wrote this to get them off Primo's back. If I have to write a letter twice a month to them to get them to stop complaining to Primo about me, that's fine. I'll do it.