Wednesday, May 11, 2016

In which there is more drama with the house, even though it has been sold

Guess what?

We are not done with the darn house.

Primo closed on the house on Christmas Eve. It is now the week after New Year.

The realtor sent a text to Primo asking Primo to write a new check to the HVAC guy who had repaired the rat-eaten ductwork. The HVAC guy had torn up the original check Primo wrote, saying that he was not going to take the money if the buyers did not accept his work, which I think was BS because he did the work. Even if the buyers decided they wanted the ducts replaced instead of repaired, the guy did his work.

The worker is worthy of his wages.

The Monday before Christmas, Primo's realtor, the buyer's realtor, and a repairman acceptable to both parties had met at the house to inspect the ducts.

The repairman said they were fine and the buyer said OK then I accept the work and Primo, upon hearing this news, sent a text to his realtor telling him to tell the HVAC guy to cash the check.

Primo's realtor never delivered the message.

The poor guy might have needed that cash!

He calls Primo's realtor after New Year and asks what the deal is.

Realtor asks Primo to write new check.

Primo is furious - "I told him THAT DAY to tell the guy to cash the check!"

My friends. Hire experienced people who know what they are doing. Let someone else give the new people a chance. Otherwise, you will have more drama than you ever wanted in your life.