Thursday, February 26, 2015

In which Primo finally has coffee with that kid who wants to run for county government in the same district where Primo wants to run

We already knew that the kid wasn't going to run.

Wait. He's not a kid. He's 23. When I was 23, I had been out of college for two years already. I had found and rented my own apartments several times already. Moved myself from Big City 1 to Medium Sized City 2. Made my own doctor appointments. Done my own laundry. Gotten my own renters insurance. Made my own will. (Oh yes I had a will.)

Twenty three is not kid.

So this young man - we will have to give him a name, but not yet because I have to think of a name I will actually remember. I can never remember what I have called people here.

This young man, we had heard from Very Connected Person, was not going to run.

But he still wanted to meet with Primo. I guess he didn't know that Primo knew he wasn't going to run and I guess he didn't think he could just tell him over the phone or send him an email. Both of those means are so last century.

Instead, he wanted to meet in person, which made me roll my eyes because good grief doesn't he know Primo has a job? (At least for now he has a job.) And that people with jobs cannot be dropping everything to go meet someone for coffee. That is not how things work.

Reader, prepare yourself. There is a plot twist ahead.

Not only does this young man not intend to run against Primo - he wants to run Primo's campaign.

Yes. He is bowing out of the race but wants to help Primo win.

Sunday, February 22, 2015

In which Primo talks to Sly and Doris and they are really negative about his running for the county government and really negative about me

Primo called Sly and Doris today to make up for the not calling them on Sunday of Labor Day weekend when they felt Abandoned and were Worried That He Was Dead.

Doris was despondent. Sly told Primo that Doris was upset that Primo had not properly thanked her for getting him some information on mental health charities.

"But you thanked her, right?"

"Of course I did!" he said.

"So she just doesn't like how you thanked her?"

He sighed. "Apparently, it wasn't the proper kind of thanks."

Then Primo spoke to Doris directly. She was still despondent

She doesn't know why Primo is bothering to run - or to consider running - for county government. "You won't be able to change anything," she said.

He rolled his eyes. "Nice that they support me, right?"

She says I will become bitter and resentful about having to support Primo financially.

"Well of course I will!" I told Primo cheerfully. "I am already bitter and resentful!"

"She thinks you won't support me," he said.

"Well, I won't. I hate the idea. It's scary. I don't want you to quit your job. But we have discussed it and looked at the money and you have talked to other people and it's going to happen and they need to get with the program."

Doris said that I am bitter and resentful that Primo does not share my interest in gardening - I wrote her a letter and mentioned that Primo doesn't really care about the vegetable garden, which he does and do I care? no - and asked but what about the part how Primo and I do not agree on politics?

"I know!" I said. "You and I don't agree!"

"She thinks our marriage is going to break up," he said.

"You'd think she'd be happy to finally have that happy thought in her head."

"Yes, but if I quit my job and you are working, then you can't be a gold digger any more and it changes everything."

I gasped. Primo was right. He had put his finger on the whole issue. What will they complain about now if I am not a gold digger?

I guess they always have my bacon eating habits.