Friday, April 20, 2018

The Candidate's Wife: Primo is on another radio show and I am messaging him during the show telling him what to say (PS I do not have the skill of knowing what to say when I am the one under pressure - this power is good only for telling other people what to do)

Primo was invited to be on yet another radio program. This one is on a station I have never even heard of, although to be honest, that means nothing, as the only time I listen to the radio is in the car and on Sunday mornings when we listen to vintage American Top 40.

And even with that, we cheat. If we don't like the episode that is playing on the radio, we just listen to the online version, which often does not match what our local station is playing.

(If you want to hear Casey Kasem, go here! It's so fun.)

The station is, I think, a super niche station. It's definitely local and may even be run out of someone's garage.

I was listening to Primo on the streaming. The setup is this is a high-school civics teacher who brings his students on the air and invites local guests to talk about issues so the kids will understand and get involved.

Host: You're running for the State House. What is that?

(NB I think the host was asking this kind of question for the benefit of his students. I am pretty sure a high school civics teacher knows that the House is.)

Primo: It's analogous--

Host: What's analogous?

Primo: Umm. When something is as something else is. So The State House is to [our state] as the House of Representatives is to the United States.


Host: Where is your district?

Primo: I am in a gerrymandered district.

Host: I know what that is, but my students might not.

Primo: Gerrymandering is when they draw the district lines in really weird ways. It's named after a politician named Gerry from Massachusetts who drew district lines that looked like a salamander.


Host: I want to get my students interested in citizenship. I want them to vote if they're old enough. I want them to be engaged. But they don't think what they want - what their community wants - matters.


Host: What should we do about mass incarceration? It's a big problem in our community.

(Me via facebook messenger: LEGALIZE DRUGS!!!)

Primo: [Thoughtful answer that is not specific enough for me]


Host: We're almost at the end of the show. We'll ask all our guests to wrap up with something inspiring.

(Me via facebook messenger: tell them their voice matters! 
and in a low-turnout election
their vote counts like ten votes!)

Primo, who didn't see what I wrote:  [Thoughtful answer that is not specific enough for me]

Tuesday, April 17, 2018

In which my boss, whom I like very much and intend to keep as a friend even when we are no longer working together, but who is a stubborn engineer so you know, answers a friend of his who tells me to run when he finds out I have been working for Boss for 3.5 years

Boss's friend (who is also a vendor): Nice to meet you, Goldie. How long have you been working for Boss?

Me: What - three years? three and a half?

Boss: I'll tell you. We've been working together long enough that we have had arguments that ended with her calling me Primo and my calling her [Boss's Wife's Name] because we're so mad at each other.