Friday, September 23, 2011

In which Sly and Doris say the same old same old

Primo: Your mom sent us money for our anniversary. She didn't need to do that!

Me: I know.

Primo: She really didn't need to do that. She doesn't have that much.

Me: I know! I have had this conversation with her more than once. She insists.

Primo: My parents didn't even acknowledge it.

Me: [That's better than getting cheap Chinese pressed wood nesting tables with hummingbirds and hibiscus painted on them.]

Primo: That's their way of letting me know I made a mistake in marrying you.

Me: No it isn't. Their way of letting you know you made a mistake is to tell you that you made a mistake.*

* Which is what they did yesterday in their conversation with Primo when they opened the Complaint Vault and reiterated that

1. I should have figured out that they didn't like me and earned their approval and liking, although

2. there really isn't anything I could have done to change their opinion of me and it's too late now anyhow,

3. Doris has "reached out" to me on many occasions and I have rejected her, even though neither Primo nor I can think of a single example of such rejection, as I have answered every (seven) email she has ever sent to me and she has never called me on the phone,

4. they cannot believe I have a friendship with Stephanie because she and I are not intellectual equals because as everyone knows, intellect is the only important thing in a relationship, not niceness or common interests and

5. Primo made a mistake marrying me and he only thinks he's happy, but he's not really happy.