Wednesday, February 23, 2022

I was totally right about the Raymond James guy telling Obnoxious Brother that nope, he will not be party to a speculative investment

 Primo just talked to the Raymond James guy about something else, but he asked RJ guy what it's like dealing with Obnoxious Brother (OB).

RJ guy is tactful and nice and he said Oh it's fine!

But then he added that OB had asked about the GREAT OPPORTUNITY THAT ENDS SOON and that he had told OB that RJ does not do that kind of thing.

RJ guy was nice about it, but in his head, I bet he was thinking, Haven't we already been through what a bad idea this kind of investment is you stupid jerk?

That's what I'm thinking.

Primo has finally resigned from the trust but his Obnoxious Brother still won't leave him alone

 It took months for Primo to resign as trustee for the trust for Obnoxious Brother's (OB) kid.

It was DONE and Primo sighed a sigh of relief and I sighed a sigh of relief because dealing with OB is so awful.

"I dread seeing his name on an email or text," Primo confessed to me.

I dread it on Primo's behalf.

So what does OB do now that he is the trustee?

He emails Primo asking him for investment advice.

Which - Primo is brilliant and all but he is not an investment advisor.

He's not even a hobbyist investor.

He left all the money with the financial advisor Sly and Doris used. We can't blame the Raymond James guy for Sly being a jerk. And the RJ guy is nice and has about a thousand years' experience doing this kind of thing and he is very very conservative, which is something you want when you are dealing with someone else's money.

OB emailed Primo yesterday - he has ANOTHER GREAT OPPORTUNITY for the trust!

And he wants to talk to Primo about it!

It's with the same place where OB got Primo to invest the money last year - the place that said they could waive the rules but guess what if you're in this game, you can't waive the rules and it was a pain in the neck for Primo to resolve the whole mess.

OB wants Primo's advice, he says, about another GREAT OPPORTUNITY with his friend's fund.

Why would Primo's advice matter?

Why is OB even wanting to discuss this with Primo?

I have a guess. 

I think it's that the Raymond James guy said "This is a stupid idea and I don't think you should do it" and OB wants Primo to say the Raymond James guy is wrong, which Primo is not going to do. 

Or it's that OB wants Primo to invest some of our own money in this GREAT DEAL because there's something in it for OB.

I will let you know.

I don't trust OB and had hoped that Primo's resignation as trustee would mean Primo would never talk to him again, but I guess I was wrong.