Thursday, May 16, 2013

In which there is TMI about the possible lawsuit

So not only does Doris want to sue the hospital for her pain and suffering, Sly wants to throw in - this will make you gag - loss of consortium.

"Just how much consortium does an 80 year old man have?" I asked Primo. I snorted.  "What's that loss worth - a dollar?"

Primo sighed. "My dad wanted to tell me all about it. His son. He wants to talk to his son about that."

"No boundaries," I said as I rolled my eyes.

"He probably has more consortium than you and I do."

"Yeah, well it's easy to have time and energy for consortium when you are retired and don't do anything all day but sit on your butt."

"He wants more than he gets," Primo said.

"How much does your mom want?" I asked.

Primo sighed. "Not as much as he does. Probably not any."

"Your mom is probably thinking that the only good thing about her broken wrist is that it is getting her out of consortium."

Primo laughed. "You're probably right.