Friday, October 24, 2014

In which I get an invitation to vote for someone from the AFL

The AFL sent me a postcard. They sent it to me, addressed to me with my first name and Primo's last name. Did I tell you that I legally changed my surname back to my maiden name? I am not opposed in principle to women changing their name upon marriage, but I regret having changed mine, mostly because I do not want to be in any way identified with Sly and Doris but also because I missed my own name. I didn't realize how attached I had become.

So the AFL-CIO sent me a postcard and I have no idea how I got on any list they might have. I have never given money to any candidate or any party in my entire life. Except wait - Primo and I donated $100 to our college friend Susan's campaign for mayor of West University in Houston because she gave money to Primo's campaign and gave us a lot of good advice, some of which, unfortunately, arrived too late, such as, "Do not hire a campaign manager. You do not need one. You can figure this out yourselves."

Instead, we spent $7,000 for a campaign manager who turned out to be HORRIBLE and whose name I would publish here as a BAD CAMPAIGN MANAGER and a BAD PERSON except I am trying to be somewhat anonymous. But someday, I will reveal her name and you will know not to waste your very hard-earned money on her.

I try hard to stay out of politics. I want to keep my money away from politicians. I don't like how they spend it.

So why did the AFL-CIO send me a postcard and why did they use the wrong name and why do they think that a postcard would even affect my vote?