Thursday, April 10, 2014

In which Isabel continues - yes, continues - to cause problems

Primo resolved the timeshare deal. He sent them the death certificate and then paid the past-due monies.

"It's in my name," he said, "and it's my credit rating that's affected."

Which makes sense.

The next part of the plan is to give the timeshare to Laura and Kate, who will reimburse him what he paid.

But - Primo also got a statement from Merrill Lynch about an account that was supposed to have gone to Isabel. She never took his name off the account.

Isabel blessherheart was very financially irresponsible and incredibly disorganized.

Let's review. Since her death, we have learned that she

1. had paid years of storage fees for a wine locker even though she had room at her new house to store the wine. She never even got any wine out of it.
2. never took Primo's name off the timeshare and she borrowed money to buy more timeshares, even though she had to borrow money from her mother to pay her medical  bills
3. never took Primo's name off the Merrill Lynch account

Let's not forget that she came to Primo for money to pay her taxes last fall. If I had been smarter - again, always fighting the last war - I would have asked Primo to ask her if there were any expenses she could cut, like the timeshare.

Seems to me if you are having problems paying your taxes, you don't invest in vacation property. But that's just me.

So Primo got the ML statement. There is enough money in there to cover what he paid on the timeshare.

He is going to send the death certificate to ML, take the money out of the account, keep what he needs to cover the timeshare, and send the rest of the money to Laura and Kate.

Don't be Isabel. Don't be irresponsible and leave all the work for your family after your death. People will not think kindly of you.