Thursday, July 4, 2013

In which we discover that Samantha is running for office

Did I tell you that Samantha is running for office?

She is!

Can you believe it?!!!

We can't.

Primo has not spoken to Samantha in months.

She has not spoken to him.

She's probably ashamed. Ashamed that she took our hard-earned money and didn't do anything for it.

Primo went out last night with Ralph and Potsie. They are encouraging Primo to do what I've been nagging him to do for months, which is to ask her to account for her time on the contract. Our lawyer friend Sam, Primo's best friend, whom we visited over New Year's Eve, said that we should write a letter and ask for a detailed listing of her activities. The money was a retainer to be applied to the hours that she worked, so we should ask her for a list.

If I had been running this thing from the beginning, I would have demanded that.

Primo is not a manager of people.

I am not either, but I at least have managed people informally, on teams I have put together. I am good at holding people accountable, but only when I am the person in charge of the project. With the campaign, Primo was in charge and I didn't think it was my business plus I didn't want to be involved but man I should have been.


Samantha is running for school board.

And she is having a fundraiser.

At a yoga studio.

She wrote, "Join us for yoga, Ayurvedic refreshments, sustainability and fun."

She'll have to get all new people because everyone who's worked with her already knows what she is like. She de-friended Ralph and Potsie on facebook. Who else has she ticked off?