Monday, May 11, 2020

In which Primo is relieved that The Challenger won because she is Killing It with COVID

Hi everyone! I have not forgotten about you, but there has not been anything to post.

I mean, there is crap about the will and the trust, because that will never end, will it? But all I can say about it now is - well, there are good reasons not to drop a lot of money into the hands of young people and although I wish Sly and Doris had designated someone else as the trustee, they were not unwise to hold the money in trust until their grandchildren turned 30. But that's all about that.

No, what I really wanted to tell you was - The Challenger is doing an incredible job as a representative. She is amazing. She is smart and warm and empathetic and she is a wonderful communicator and she is On It with covid issues and really, I don't think we could ask for anyone better.

Primo watches her and says he would not want to be in government right now. Crisis management is not his thing. He likes big picture policy thinking and structural change. He is not about potholes and emergencies. He hates that stuff. He does not want the job right now as it is.

I also wanted to tell you that I met Challenger in person last year and have since become Facebook friends with her and she really is lovely. Primo had initially thought she might be a bit ditzy but HE WAS WRONG.

Alas, he had the impression that men often have of very pretty women.

But guess what?

It is possible to be pretty and smart at the same time.

Challenge is very pretty and very smart. She was not a good public speaker at first, but that is a learned skill. I have not heard her give a speech,  but I have no doubt that if she needed to polish that skill, she has since done so.

She is a very very good writer.  Her political communications are excellent and she is focusing on the right issues right now - helping small businesses get help, helping people get unemployment insurance payments, publicizing minority-owned business grant programs, pushing out medical information.

She is good. She is very very good at her job. And we are lucky to have her in our district.