Saturday, April 30, 2016

In which I did not grovel enough with Sly and Doris

Primo: There's a letter in the paper to an advice columnist* from this woman who does not want to spend Christmas with her husband's siblings.

Me: Sometimes, you just have to do things to support your spouse.

Primo: Yes.

Me: Although I did not support you by going to your mom and dad's.

Primo: The letter writer says her husband's died and the husband is lonely and wants to be with his siblings, but they are racists who hassle them for living in the big city.

Me: Well -- yes. It depends on why the spouse does not want to be with the in laws. If the in laws are jerks, then the spouse should not have to put up with it.

Primo: I have read some things my mom wrote to her friends - that I always visit them alone.

Me: That's because your mom and dad were mean to me.

Primo: Yep.

Me: What was I supposed to do to get them to like me?

Primo: You were supposed to grovel and try to earn their approval, the way my mom had to with my dad's family.

* Yes, Primo and I discuss the letters to Carolyn Hax and Alison and usually agree on things like the gay couple should not donate sperm to the lesbian couple until they are very clear on what is required re child support by state law and that the person who is complaining about his next-door neighbor should talk to the neighbor before reporting him to the homeowners' association.

In which the estate will not die - it's like a hydra

Oh good grief.

Primo had money wired from the estate's account for house sale stuff.

No. He tried to have money wired from the estate's account.

Let me back up.

Sly and Doris had their money with ABC Investments. (I don't want to use the real name because it is a reputable organization and this was the error of one person at one branch.)

They had their regular investments and Sly had his IRA there.

Primo inherited Sly's IRA because Sly never got around to changing the secondary beneficiary on the account after Doris died.

Primo has not moved any of the money because it is fine where it is.

He had to have some money wired to the buyer of Sly and Doris' house. He called ABC Investments to have them send the money.

He discovered yesterday (on Christmas, when he went online to check that everything had been done properly) that ABC had wired money from the IRA that Primo now owns instead of from the estate's account.

He is ticked off. It's just one more thing to fix and it has to be fixed ASAP or it could have an impact on our taxes, i.e., we are not taking any distributions this year* because we don't want to deal with the additional reporting.

* Apparently not required first year.

Friday, April 29, 2016

In which Primo calls Jack and discovers that Ted sent pears to Jack, too

And we wonder why someone so apparently desperate for cash that he tries to make money off attending his own father's funeral would be spending $29.99 plus $9.99 shipping (yes, I looked it up) to send pears to Primo.

If you are broke, don't buy Christmas presents for people. They will understand.

Thursday, April 28, 2016

You thought it was OVER? HAHAHAHAHAHAHA!

It's Christmas Eve. The buyer signed the papers. We thought it was done.

But no!

The woman who used to live next door to Sly and Doris (See: "I just want to ram a pole up her ass!") and whose son moved into the house when the woman moved out just called Primo.

There is a bunch of trash in front of her son's house.

Primo doesn't know why it's there. He doesn't know if the realtor put it there or if the realtor put stuff in front of Sly and Doris' house and the buyer moved it in front of the neighbor's house. He doesn't know because he has been unable to reach any of the parties involved.

I say whatever. The trash guys will pick it up on Monday regardless. As one commenter said, This is no longer our circus. These are no longer our monkeys.

Wait. Primo is on the phone with the former neighbor. He is explaining that he does not know what is going on - that the house sold this morning. He is apologizing. He is explaining that the buyer has been a bit of a problem - that the buyer had said Primo could leave furniture, etc., because they might want it. That the realtor spent yesterday clearing stuff out.

Elsie says she does not know if everything has been there since yesterday but there is a couch.

Which the realtor had said he would take to Goodwill.

Primo is saying, "I am trying to reach the realtor. Did you take a photo? Please send it to me."

He is saying, "Calling the HOA is not going to solve the problem. My family no longer owns the house. But it appears that my agent did this. I am very sorry. I have been trying to reach him, but he has not responded."

He continues, "I hope [your son] can put with some junk for a few days. I hope the fact that he got a really good deal on my mom and dad's car helps make this tolerable."

To me: "The agent ordered a special trash pickup for today and they haven't come yet. He said he was taking it to Goodwill. He should have told me what was going on."

In which it is Christmas Eve and THE BUYER SIGNED THE PAPERS!

He signed! The buyer signed! NO MORE HOUSE SALE DRAMA!

Wednesday, April 27, 2016

In which there is MORE drama with the closing of the house

Primo sent a fedex package yesterday with all the signed closing documents. We thought that meant we were DONE. Except we thought that the buyer might find more problems during the walkthrough later today.

We still don't know what the buyer will find during the walkthrough. The realtor is spending the day clearing the house of all the leftover stuff that the buyer had said weeks ago Primo could leave in the house.

He called the title company to make sure they got the package.

They did.

But then they said Oh by the way there is a new Florida law and that $2,000 the buyer wants in escrow to cover additional repairs? We can't use escrow for repairs any more. So you need to send a check overnight directly to the buyer.

Primo: But that means we have to trust the buyer to send any extra money back.

Me: I don't even care anymore. I just want this guy out of our lives. I don't care if he keeps the money.

Tuesday, April 26, 2016

In which we learn that the buyer has been acting a little bit in bad faith maybe

Nope. Not over.

There was a patch of mildewy something somewhere so the realtor cleaned it and now the buyer wants it professionally cleaned and says it means termites even though there is a termite contract.

And then the buyer had said Primo could leave anything he wanted in the house - there was still a guest bed and a desk and a sofa in the house and a table and a lot of gardening stuff in the garage and shelves. The buyer said that weeks ago.

Just now - three days before Christmas, two days before closing - the buyer has said, nope. Don't want anything in the house. House has to be completely empty.

I thought these problems were with the realtor but it turns out the buyer is a rich kid who is used to getting his way with everything and who appears, to me, to be acting in bad faith. If you are a person of good faith, you don't expect other people to be jerks. You don't expect someone to tell you two days before closing that he wants the furniture out of the house after he told you six weeks ago don't worry! just leave it!

In which Ted'sWife bugs Primo about the money again

"She emailed again."

"What now?"

"She sent Ted and me a link to some personal finance article and said it might be better for them to be reimbursed before the end of the year."

"Better for whom?"

"For them."

"They are relentless!"

"I am thinking of telling them I will take their word on the outstanding credit card debt - about six thousand dollars - for Ted'sSon's high school, but for his current program expenses, they have to send me receipts."

"I think that's reasonable."

"Stephanie sent receipts! Maria set me up on her student loan account!"

"That's because that's the right way to do it. When the power company sends us a bill, they can't just say, 'Give us $300.' They have to show us the meter reading."


"You are right."

"You don't think I am being too hard on them asking for receipts?"

"Are you kidding me? They have done nothing but be nasty to you. I don't want to give them any money!"

"Well, it is Ted'sSon's money."

"I wouldn't put it past them to sue you later to say that you had disbursed funds inappropriately, like if you pay that credit card debt without any kind of receipt."

"But it would have been to them!"

"Ted is the kind of guy who would kill his parents and then throw himself on the mercy of the court because he's an orphan!"

"Yep. That's why I asked the lawyer to check into it and to tell me how much latitude I have with that old debt. He said I am fine. I don't want Ted suing me. I am clear."

In which Primo finally hears back about the buyers and whether they will still take the house, even though the ducts were repaired instead of being replaced

"They said OK. But they want a home warranty," announced Primo.

"How much?"

"Four hundred fifteen dollars."

"Give it to them. Oh man. Even if they wanted ten thousand dollars off, give it to them so we can be done with this."

"I was dreading having to start all over again!"

"Yeah. I want this done. I want it over."

In which Primo's realtor meets the buyers' realtor and the buyers' realtor's inspection guy at Sly and Doris' house to look at the formerly rat-infested HVAC system

1. Florida has rats. I had rats when I lived in Miami, not because I am a dirty person but because I lived in Miami.

2. There are probably rats in other places, too. I had rats when I lived in Memphis. What you do with rats is put out poison. Or get a cat.

3. Primo had a guy repair the air ducts. He should not have had to do that. On a newish house, in an area where this is known to be a problem, the builder should have used better materials. (I am assuming there are ducting materials that are rat proof.)

So. Primo is all stressed because it is three days before Christmas and he wants to close on the house and all of a sudden there is this huge wrench in the works. Primo's realtor, unfortunately, bears a lot of blame for this. There was some repair/replace form that maybe Primo was supposed to sign and he didn't even see it.

This realtor seems like a really nice guy and has worked hard, but he is not a realtor full time and there are things that have fallen through the cracks. I would recommend when you, my reader friend, hire a realtor, that you hire a full-time experienced realtor. If one of your best friends wants to break into the business, let him break someone else's business.

Primo is stressed and he was cranky all day yesterday and didn't go out as he had planned and stayed up until 5:00 a.m., which is completely dysfunctional but that's how he rolls.

He woke up. I am working at home today. He said, "The realtor just sent me a text. The repairman looked at everything and said it's fine and the buyers should buy the house."

"The repairman is someone the buyers' agent chose, right?" I asked.



"So now we just have to wait for their agent to talk to them. I hope they agree."

Monday, April 25, 2016

In which the house deal might fall apart because the buyers wanted the ductwork replaced, not repaired


That's so cute!
Growing up in a house with that dog might cause one to not mind being licked by dogs.
I'm really cranky.
Tommy talked to the person at the title company and had one of the documents revised. Everything is fine on that front.
But I also heard from the realtor, and the buyers are threatening to walk away because we had the ductwork repaired instead of replaced. I'm going to have to offer them an additional allowance to get the sale to go through.
oh good grief!
you solved the problem, right?
what a mess
I am sorry
this is way too much stress
I don't know. I want this done. I said they can have an additional $1000 allowance toward repairs, but only if they are willing to close this week.
my fingers are crossed
The realtor said that the buyer's agent is "new to real estate" (her words). I think she got the buyers freaked out because rodents had been in the ductwork, which is apparently common on that island.
I don't think ze rats are unique to your mom and dad's house
Now I'm waiting for the realtor's call, and I'm all wound up because we are negotiating again. I thought that was done six weeks ago!
And the numbers in the closing packet will change again.
He hasn't been able to talk to the buyer's agent yet.
Now everything is in limbo and I'm worried. I can't be productive in this kind of state.
Oh no!
This is super stressful . I am sorry
I think the whole deal is falling through. The buyers are overly worried about the ductwork and are apparently insisting on having it replaced (or receiving an additional $3000 credit).
Both agents are to blame for this. There was an official repair request, but the realtor advised me not to sign it and to have repairs done (instead of replacing the ductwork). I never saw the document. And the buyers' agent is inexperienced; she hired an incompetent inspector who listed at least three things that were supposedly wrong but were not.
Oh no.
I am so sorry
Nobody is doing it right
I guess nobody can be trusted to do things right. The realtor works hard and I would have spent much more on sprucing up the house if I had chosen another agent, but he hasn't done everything right.
Now I'm afraid that I chose poorly and that I should have spent more time there to supervise everything.
I am sorry
I don't know that this would have been prevented by choosing the other agent
No, but I have to second-guess myself.
smile emoticon
You made the best decision you could with the information you had at the time
We may be rescuing the deal by throwing $3000 at the problem. Do you think that's the right thing to do? The cost of holding onto the house is over $1200/month.
I think it's the right thing to do
just to be done with this
I cannot bear the idea of starting over
it comes out to $700 a kid
For the second time today, I got an email from the buyers' agent before hearing from the realtor. I called him and he was on the way to the store to buy some groceries for his wife. I need to know whether this is going to happen or not.
I mean, this is a big deal
and we have only a few days this week
he needs to be focusing on this!
He said that he had checked his email 10 minutes before I called him and then got in his car. (The email arrived 6 minutes before I called him.)
But - man. This is so stressful. I want him managing it from his end
As in, if you give them the $3K, is it done?
WIll they sign?
It's pretty important to know that
I think so, but the email from the buyers' agent was about needing access to the attic for estimates and holding $3000 in escrow until the work is done.
That is completely different from another $3K allowance
They are overly paranoid about the ductwork.
would they still sign?
They think there's something "icky" and that it all needs to be fresh and new.
and you would just have money in escrow?
I don't know.
but -
it's Florida
there are rats in Florida
I need to know what this boils down to, and I don't want to be waiting.
yeah, I know
me, too
this is a big deal
I can't get anything done.
I can see why
I haven't vacuumed.
this is a huge wrench we did not anticipate
You'll be cranky if I don't do it.
Vacuuming might help your stress smile emoticon
I am tired of this!
I know!
It's not fair!
And there's still more stress coming from Ted and Ted'sWife.
oh no!
they are not leaving you alone?
Nothing in particular. I just know that it will come.
Nothing new from them today.
you don't deserve this
And then you're going to want me to start looking for a job soon.
It's probably not a good idea to run for office again anyway. I want to make [the incumbent's] life hard, but I don't think I could win. And I don't want a campaign job. I think Larson's field director left because he thought she wasn't working hard enough and she wasn't willing to do even more.

I think there is a place somewhere for you in politics
Jeff asked me t his morning what I knew about Bernie Sanders
His wife had the debate turned on Saturday night
and he was overhearing as he was tearing tile out of the bathroom
He says he hates politics and usually doesn't vote
but that he really liked what Bernie had to say
The DNC and the corporate media don't want people to hear what he has to say. That's why he gets little press coverage and why the debate was on the Saturday night before Christmas.
I told him you could tell him whatever he watned to know smile emoticon
I was telling him that stuff and he was shocked
I would vote for Bernie instead of Trump
I heard from the realtor, but I am still waiting for another call to confirm that he will be there in the morning. (The buyers' agent has arranged for someone to do an estimate on the ductwork.)
Oh good grief
This is so frustrating
Why did they wait until now to bring this up?
I don't know.
There should have been an explicit discussion about the "repair request" letter and why we weren't signing it, why we felt that repairing the ductwork rather than replacing all of it was sufficient, etc.
Both agents will be there with an estimator tomorrow morning.

I was on the phone with the realtor when you called.