Monday, April 26, 2010

In which Sly and Doris are in complete denial about their ability to stay in the house

Me: Did you talk to your mom and dad about moving into assisted living?

Primo: They didn't want to talk about it. They don't want to face that they can't stay in the house much longer. They get takeout instead of cooking. My dad can hardly walk.

Me: What is their plan?

Primo: They know they have to be ready to look by next year when Stephanie and the kids move [away from the state].

Me: Not just ready to look but ready to move.

Primo: Yes. But I might have to help them do the research.

Me: How hard is it to do the research? You identify the assisted living places near you. You call and ask for information. You visit. You decide on the criteria that are important to you and evaluate each place on that criteria. Then you make a decision.

Primo: You're right.

Me: I hope they understand that having you do all of this is not an option.


  1. Oooh, good luck with all of this. Major life trauma for the sanest people. Hopefully they can get past their denial and on with it, but the whole thing must be really hard.

  2. There are many fabulous new places around here....should be an easy task! White Chocolate

  3. I can tell u love them heaps. Maybe you could offer to look into all the options for them, and they could just decide over brochures on their coffee table? (You know Im just kidding you, right?). You should see my post on my FIL, its under the label Wifely Duties on my blog. xo

  4. Good luck... most people dig in their heels when it comes to moving. My father is 81, has a heart condition, and likes to CHOP WOOD in his spare time. (That's with an ax, not a chain saw.) He told me he can't move yet because he has enough wood now for three years of fireplace fires. He'll think about it at 84. "Besides," he says, "I'm not old."

  5. This is hard even with two people in full possession of good hearts and logic.

  6. Holy crap, I had not read this when I wrote my comment with my suggestion for the end of your novel! I had no idea assisted living was even really in the picture.

    1. They have looked at a few places in the past months, but have rejected them because 1. they have to dress for dinner and 2. they don't have an indoor pool.

      This is not going to be easy.