Friday, October 12, 2012

In which Sly and Doris of course find something else to complain about

You guys know that Sly had surgery and Doris broke her wrist, right?

And now they are at home, recuperating?

Which is difficult. I don't wish that on them. I want them to be nice people. But I don't sit around thinking, "I wish they would have major surgery and break bones! That would show them!"

I don't do that because that would be mean. And then if it really happened, I would feel really, really guilty.

But I do have to roll my eyes at the latest intelligence:

Some neighbors have brought them food.

Which is a very nice thing to do.

It's hard to cook when you are recovering from surgery and when you have a broken wrist. It's hard for them to cook even when they aren't post-op or broken.

So what did they say to Primo about the meal that one neighbor made?

"It was dry and tasteless and she used a store-bought crust for the pie."

Never a kind word shall cross their lips.


  1. Oh, life is so much sweeter with an attitude of gratitude...sigh....hang in there! White Chocolate

  2. These people are unbelievable. Pure evil.

    1. I try to save "evil" for people like Hitler and Che Guevara, but they are not very nice, that's for sure. I think they are very unhappy people and they want everyone else to be unhappy, too.

  3. Wow. Just... wow.

    They'll never, ever get it, will they?