Thursday, September 19, 2013

Things Primo is agreeing to do if I agree for him to quit his job

Paint the garage instead of hiring someone
Let me change my name back to my maiden name
Only visit his parents once a year
Let me publish my book, although under a pseudonym
More housework


  1. But these things should already be mandatory! Ha!

  2. "Let" you change your name back?!

    I believe I've already expressed my opinion on the "more housework" thing, which is to say, but OF COURSE he'd do more housework. In fact, he should be responsible for the bulk of it, as well as cooking and running errands.

    1. Yeah, that wasn't a great word choice. It is something I would like his agreement on. I think if I did it without his agreement, it would be very hurtful to him.

  3. All but the "more housework" are one-time events. What you need is day-to-day support ... like the kind you provided when you weren't working. I hate to be mean, but until he understands THAT and is ready to commit to THAT, he needs to keep his full time job. And, do more, too.

  4. Knowing Primo's penchant for arguing semantics, I'd totally spell out what these things mean. ;)

    "More housework" = [chore 1] 3x per week, [chore 2] every Tuesday evening, etc.

    You need to put that "no politics discussions" things back in, too. :P

  5. This will turn around on you. Primo does not seem the type to get the short end of the stick willingly, even with his wife.

    Also - you do not need permission to print a book under a pseudonym. You can do what you want with your intellectual property. He can be mad, yes, but he cannot stop you. Nor can he stop you from changing your name. So, what exactly is being promised here? That he won't throw a fit, punish you emotionally for these things?

    What Webb said, above, is also spot-on. Does he think that unless you give your blessing, when he stays home he'll do nothing?

    All of this just distills down to "if you let me do what I want, I will be a reasonable person instead of a tyrant" frankly.

  6. You also need to add that none of the money you earn will go to political causes that you disagree with. Also, if he isn't going to do all the housework and errand running, then he needs to earn enough money to pay someone else (not you) to do it.