Sunday, December 22, 2013

In which there is a very sincere potluck and I am a bad, bad person for thinking it is funny

But come on - don't you think this is kind of funny, too?

Please bring something to share. We do have friends who are vegan, vegetarian, lactose intolerant, and gluten intolerant so please consider making something they could enjoy as well. 

No matter what you bring please label it with ingredients for those with allergies (meat, milk, eggs, nuts, etc)

I think the only food that would work would be water.


  1. When you bring the water please be sure to list the ingredients. :-)

  2. I think most of us like to pay attention to the likes and needs of our guests all, well most, of the time. But ... if the hostess is inviting known vegans, etc. to a potluck event s/he needs to assume that the vegans, etc. will bring something that they can eat and will make do otherwise. It is was less than hospitality to ask guest to bring something and then put limits on it. Not sure we would have attended at all.

    1. You are 110% correct @ host responsibility!

  3. Of course if you make something vegan, then the vegetarians and lactards can eat it too. I'd be inclined to bring a carrot.

  4. I have allergies - I always bring something hearty that I can eat since I have gone to potlucks and nearly starved. While it would be awesome to have other dishes I can safely eat, I don't really expect people to cook just for me.

  5. Gluten and lactose intolerant. Travel with own food EVERY WHERE. Easiest for everyone involved.