Monday, May 5, 2014

In which weird stuff starts happening in the campaign so I have to postpone posts until after the election

Oh you guys. There are weird people out there. But weird people = great material, so I just smile and take notes.

However, some of these weird people could potentially be very damaging if they ever read this blog, so I am going to be discreet (sort of) and delay some posts until after the election, as I did with Primo's first run for office. I will post innocuous stuff here up until November, but the truly bizarre events will have to wait.


  1. You do realize that Congressman-Elect Primo Drunk may not want those stories coming out after the election, either. Since I want to hear these stories, I guess that is another reason to vote against him. ;p

    1. But if they came out, I could get a book deal and then I would sell more books because Primo would be a congressman and then it wouldn't matter if he were not re-elected because I was selling books.