Sunday, October 5, 2014

In which Primo and I discuss Sly's life post Doris

Primo: When I am at my mom and dad's, I need to ask my dad what he wants to do.

Me: What he wants to do?

Primo: If my mom goes first.

Me: I wish your dad would die first. I want your mom to have a few years of peace. She would be so happy in a retirement community where she could have some friends.

Primo: I know. My dad won't take her anywhere. He isolates her.

Me: She is so lonely. I feel sorry for her.

Primo: But he is in a lot better health than she is.

Me: I know.

Primo: My hope is that he will want to move near his sister.

Me: You wouldn't bring him here, would you?

Primo: No! He wouldn't want to be here. He and his sister get along.

Me: Does she know what he's like?

Primo: They talk on the phone. He considers her an intellectual equal.

Me: But does she know what he is like in everyday life?

Primo: Well, he couldn't live in the same house with her. Just near her.

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