Thursday, November 27, 2014

In which Primo becomes justifiably cranky when someone posts the unedited version of a piece that someone drafted for him and that he edited and that was published under his name

And now I'm really upset about a campaign issue. Remember the document I was editing on Sunday night? [My campaign manager] somehow sent out a completely unedited version with none of my changes included, and that version was posted on It's very embarrassing to me. I'm going to have to insist that I approve final versions of everything that is sent out.
That is completely unacceptable
That is awful
1. It makes you look bad
2. You spent all that time for nothing
This is something to get angry about
I would be livid
Is there a way to get to post the corrected version instead?

We are discussing that.
I am furious on your behalf
I like [campaign manager], but this is completely unacceptable

Russell Crowe (whom you met at the parade, I think) says that he probably sent out the incorrect (unedited) version.

He will try to get it fixed.
Yes, it is obvious someone sent the wrong version!@

I already said that I need to see anything that will be sent to the media -- as it will be sent, not just giving approval to text in a Google document -- before it is actually sent.
unfortunately, this means more work for you
I can help - I can copy edit stuff and I can check stuff sent to you for grammar before you see it

I am horrified. The grammatical errors are a problem, but the biggest problem is that I don't want anyone to think that I would ever use the phrase "illegal aliens."
I hope they can fix it
I'm sorry, sweetie
they really did not do it right

Between this and [my job's] FTO policy change, it's a crappy day.

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