Tuesday, June 2, 2015

In which Primo finds yet another way to get out of going to a promised dance class with me

Primo: If I run [for the county government], then we won't be able to go to that dance workshop.

Me: Of course not.

Primo: It is the prime Saturday for getting [nominating petition] signatures.

Me: So that's why you'll run.

Primo: What?

Me: You have been promising to go to dance lessons with me for six years. And you always find an excuse not to go.

Primo: But I don't know if I want to run. I don't know if I want to be a county representative. And I for sure don't want to do it in the snow. I mean, if I run, that would mean you couldn't treat me like someone who stays at home.

Me: But you do stay at home. And you do not have a job.

Primo: But running for office is a full-time job.

Me: Uh huh. So I am supposed to go to work - I was perfectly happy not working - I am supposed to go to work and be gone from the house for 11 hours a day - and then I am supposed to come home and do all the housework?

Primo: Not all. But I can't do it all.

Me: You're not.

Primo: Not what?

Me: Not doing it all. You're not cleaning the bathroom. You're not doing the cooking.

Primo: But I am doing a lot.

Me: But not all.

Primo: Well, I can't do everything and run for office and get up early and shovel the driveway before you leave for work.

Me: So I am supposed to do it?

Primo: I don't know.

Me: Run or don't run. But don't blame me for your decision.

Primo: Do you think I should?

Me: I am staying out of this. You decide. But do not put it on me if you decide not to run. Do not say you can't do it because I won't do all the work around the house and there is snow. If you don't want to run, that's fun. But it is not my fault.

Primo: If I run, I can't take that Saturday for the dance class.

Me: Of course not. I knew you would find a way out of it.


  1. I know that this is written after the fact, and a post like this makes me wonder if one day I will come to read your blog and discover that you've been divorced for awhile.

    1. :) Nah! I did tell Primo that if he lets his dad move in with us, I would divorce him, but that's about it.

      Drama and conflict make for better stories than contentment.