Friday, August 28, 2015

In which Primo thinks he wants to throw cheese again

Did I tell you about the cheese-throwing fight Primo and I had the last time he came home from Sly and Doris?

It was really more of a cheese-throwing tantrum that I watched and thought, "Yeah, he is always super cranky when he returns from his parents' and he always picks a fight and this should last about another 20 minutes, so whatever." I just stood and watched and listened and was bored.

So now Doris has damage in her other knee - both knees are damaged - and they might want to do surgery in a few days but they don't know yet and Primo thinks she might not be in a rehab center before he is scheduled to leave and thinks he should not leave until she is settled.

I just want this whole thing to be done.

He is not happy.

He wrote, "If I need to change my travel plans, I may want to throw cheese."

I suggested he throw it at Sly, as Sly and Doris are allegedly lactose intolerant, even though they are very happy to eat our expensive $24 a pound Carr Valley cheese and make an entire meal of it and then not be hungry for the supper that Doris sighs and says I should not have gone through the trouble to make, although if I had not made supper, you can believe I would have heard about that.

Plus Sly and Doris buy crummy cheese. Throw the cheap cheese. Don't throw the good cheese.

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