Monday, October 5, 2015

Family tree

Sly is married to Doris. He left his first wife and abandoned the two sons he had with her, Ted and Jack, when Ted and Jack were very little boys. Ted and Jack are Primo's half brothers. They did not grow up together.

Sly and Doris had Primo and Nancy. Nancy died of a heroin overdose over a decade ago.

Ted is married to Ted'sWife. They have one son, Ted'sSon, who is mildly disabled.

Jack was married to Stephanie, but they divorced after Primo and I got married. Jack and Stephanie have three children, Michael, Maria, and Pia. I love love love Stephanie and my NUMBER ONE NIECES AND NEPHEW. They are amazing.

Primo was married to Isabel before he met me. He has two stepdaughters from his marriage to Isabel. THEY ARE LOVELY. They are married to wonderful men.

Everything in this blog is true. I have not made up anything, including that Sly hates me because of how I eat bacon. I wish I had the imagination to create a story like that.


  1. I just read your comment on Tish's site and had to come over here and see who you are. Hysterical is who you are.Now to subscribe and somehow start from the beginning!

    1. Hi Sandra and welcome! Thanks for your kind words!