Tuesday, November 17, 2015

In which Sly really does disinherit his kids

You guys, I can't even.

I can't.

Do you remember how I had read the copy of Sly's will that he gave to Primo years ago? And I had said, "But neither you nor your brothers are in here. All the money goes to the grandkids?"

And Primo talked to Sly and Sly said yeah, yeah, yeah, your mother and I need to finish that?

I cannot find that post but I did write it - Sly and Doris' will, all the money to the grandkids.

Which is fine.

They are allowed to give their money to whomever they want.

But isn't it a little bit mean not to give your children even a little bit?

Primo met with the lawyer today.

The lawyer showed the will to Primo.

It was the same one I had seen.

The grandkids split everything four ways. Neither Ted, Jack, nor Primo get anything in the will.


The only saving grace for Primo is that he was the contingency beneficiary of Sly's IRA. Doris was the primary beneficiary. If not for that, Primo would not get a penny. (Again, usual disclaimers about how parents do not owe their children an inheritance.)

But what kind of father does not name his own sons in his will?

Oh - and yes, Primo is the one who has to tell Ted and Jack that they get nothing.

It's going to be an interesting funeral.


  1. The kind of schmuck who is still irrationally waiting around to find out what his ex-wife plans on leaving his older two sons so he can decide how he is going to divvy up what he has.

    Despite the fact that he has the opposite of a civil relationship with the woman and it benefits nobody who could get the info to get it and it would be downright rude and morbid for them to ask anyway?

    On top of which - As if any of them can count on still having that by the time they're done with paying for their own care as they age.

    That kind of schmuck.

  2. I hear more and more how unfair things can be. The parents should inform their children of what/why they do what they do. However, they don't usually have the nerve to do so. But, in your case what happened is better than the 3 sons suing to have their dad declared incapacitated via the Probate Court, as my husband's 4 adult kids did.
    Stay calm. Life hasn't changed that much. Now you know. Go forward with what you know and protect YOURSELF!!!!!

    1. Marsha, that sounds like a nightmare. Bless the parents who have the guts to tell their kids what's going on.

  3. Poor Primo, I am so sorry that Sly was such a mean s***. I hope Primo will still take a hefty executor's fee for himself.

  4. well, hopefully he didn't say "not unmindful of my son, i leave everything to ..." like my MIL did.

    or, leave everything to his second wife who then left it all to her children as my dad did. There are lots of folks out there who don't care how much it hurts others. Not that anyone owes anything to anyone.

    Primo should definitely take his Executor's fee - unless Sly was sneaky enough to state that Primo has to serve without fee .... when will it end?

    1. what a jerk!

      And yes, Sly did specify that Primo should serve without fee!

    2. No, no, no! *jaw bumping floor* (no good deed....) Please, Primo, decline to serve as executor and walk (run) away. It's no longer your monkeys, nor your circus. The relatives you already have a good relationship with will stay in your life, regardless. The rest (the jerks) are not worth dealing with.

    3. Oh Luisa - I wish it had turned out that way.

  5. I guess I understand. My grandparents left everything to their 17 grandchildren, and nothing to their children. With the acknowledgement that the younger generation was more in need than the older. Everyone knew about it for years.

    1. Kara, it is their right. But to keep it a secret is a jerk thing to do. Your grandparents did it right.