Saturday, December 12, 2015

In which some of Sly and Doris' possessions come home with Primo in the big pink Lands End suitcase he used to mock but it's not so funny now, is it, now that we have extra tinfoil and big ziplocks?

What Primo brought home with him today, most of which I wanted and all of which we determined that our nieces and nephew did not want. OK, we didn't ask them, but if you could have a stand mixer or the rest of a roll of parchment paper, which would you pick? We already have a stand mixer and I want my nieces and nephews to have that stuff anyhow, but going to the store for tinfoil, etc, is a pain in the neck.

  • The knives we gave Sly and Doris that Sly didn't want to use
  • The leftover roll of parchment paper
  • The humongous ziplock bags
  • The remainder of the Craisins
  • A roll of wax paper
  • A roll of tin foil
  • A pie tin
  • A Scrabble game (try finding adult Scrabble at Goodwill - you won't)
  • Not the cheap, nasty, doesn't work plastic wrap that Doris bought
  • The turpentine mango I bought at the farmers market last week but was too heavy to bring home in my purse because I already had my work computer with me
  • Leftover basil from the trip Stephanie and I made to the Vietnamese grocery for basil, ginger, and baby bok choy - I wanted Primo to have some vegetables this week so I bought him the bok choy and made a soy-ginger sauce. I also got tomatoes at the farmers market so he could have tomato-basil salad.


  1. You're so practical! Did you itemize what you "took" ? - Ted will probably be the self appointed watchdog of the estate!
    (Just kidding! Wait, knowing Ted, it might be prudent.)

    1. I should have listed it in the inventory that Ted told Primo to do!