Friday, January 29, 2016

In which Primo tries to get me to do stuff for his political people and I say NO WAY

What the conversation reduced to:

Primo: Would you do a lot of work - take time from your Friday night or your Saturday morning - for the benefit of my political people, the very people you strongly disagree with and whom you think have contributed to the decline in your quality of life?

Me: Are you out of your mind? Do you not know me at all?

  • 8:42am

    Do you have so many pears* that you want reasons to get rid of them?
  • 8:44am

    not any more

    now we have pears in the freezer so we can have tarts and pies
  • 8:46am

    OK. I thought that if you really want more reasons to use some, I could take a pear crisp to the [my party's] picnic tomorrow. (Attendees are asked to take a dish to pass.)

    But if you want to keep them for ourselves, that's fine.
  • 8:47am

    I am not interested in baking tonight or tomorrow smile emoticon

* We have a pear tree in our back yard. I have been baking pies. And strudels. And crisps. And tarts.


  1. Since i support you 100%, i'm glad you stood your ground on this, but since i'm pretty sure that Primo and i are both stripes (or polka dots - i've lost track) i sure would have liked a tart (if i had been at the picnic)!

  2. I've also lost track on whether I am a Stripe or a Polka Dot, although I think you, Goldie, and I are the same (whatever we are). DH and I are not, and I would also not participate in making baked goods for a political event.

  3. Pear jam is also kind of wonderful, and works very well with frozen pears.